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A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Sell a Home Without Using A Real Estate Agent


As detailed in Nestseller’s article on Creative Marketing Solutions, there are many options available to “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) sellers who want their homes to stand out from the crowd.  A new trend has emerged in California in which drones are being used in the real estate business to take aerial photos and videos of a home and surrounding property or neighborhood.  
FSBO sellers with the time and resources might consider this approach if doing so would be helpful to showcase a large property, unique neighborhood, or special features of a home’s exterior.  Drones—a word that is becoming increasingly synonymous with “remote control toy helicopter”—are available online (including starter kits) and at many electronics stores for a wide range of prices.  Do-it-yourself homeowners may be able to attach a tiny camera (e.g., a GoPro camera) to the drone that takes pictures or videos on a timer.  Upon landing, the FSBO seller should determine whether the quality of the photos or videos is sufficient for inclusion in his or her marketing strategy. 
Before setting out on an FSBO droning mission, however, homeowners should familiarize themselves with the limitations of this marketing strategy.  Until 2012, the Federal Aviation Administration restricted drones from being used for commercial purposes.  Nowadays, model aircrafts and drones typically are not allowed to be flown at a height greater than 400 feet or in noise-sensitive areas (including schools, hospitals, and places of business).  FSBO sellers also should take care to avoid infringing on the privacy of others and thus should seek the permission of neighbors prior to taking photos of a surrounding neighborhood.